Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tribob Aquathlon

Completed my first ever Aquathlon in Sentosa. Did a total of 750 m swim and 5 km run in a sunny and hot morning. Learn a few important lessons in the swimming area and was swimming mostly in breast stroke after a nervous start. Was swimming in front crawl initially but decided to change swim style after being kicked and dragged in the sea. Started to panic as i could not see anything when my head was dipped into the sea water. A disaster start to my first aquathlon.

Lessons learnt:

1)Need more open water swim training as this was my first swim in the open water.

2)Need to compose myself after being kicked and dragged by other swimmers.

3)Need to remove my phobia in open sea swimming, as i failed to overcome the small wave.

Ultimately, i need to gain more experience in open water swim by doing more training in the sea.
Hopefully, i can remove all these barriers before Singapore Biathlon (Keeping my fingers crossed).

Sunday, February 15, 2009

First Joyrider's Bike ride

Joined the Joyrider's Newbie ride on sat morning. Had difficulty in waking up so early in the morning (around 0430). Nevertheless, i forced myself out of my bed to get ready for the ride. Meet up one of the Sgrunners member jodan and his frens on the way to longhouse, the Joyrider's meeting point. The newbie ride route is as such:

Longhouse > Upper Thomson Rd > Sembawang Rd > Mandai Ave > Mandai Rd > Mandai Shell station (Pitstop) > Woodlands Rd > Upper Bt Timah Rd > Dunern Rd > Adam Rd > Lornie Rd > MacRitchie > Longhouse.

A total of 34 km.

It was the first time i rode in the early morning, never expect to be soon cooling and fast. Clocked a total of only 60 km bike ride, looked like i'm running out of training time for Aviva Singapore Ironman 70.3 .....

Next week: Tribob Aquathlon.

Monday, February 9, 2009

My SCSM 2008 Cert

Received my SCSM 2008 cert, did a slower marathon time as compared to the previous year. Nevertheless, was delighted to have completed the marathon as i was suffering from ITBs in the midst of my marathon training. Had to stop running LSD for a few weeks prior to the main event. Will be going for PB in this coming year (Hoping) ......

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Back to Blogging? Safari Zoo Run 09

Finally, back to my blog again. Had been too tired to blog for the past few weeks. About 6 weeks more to the Singapore Ironman 70.3. Still wondering whether can i complete the event within the stipulated time. Biking for 90 km is still a questionable task for me as i had only cycled up to 55 km. Could feel the strains on my legs and backside after cycled for 30 km. Nevertheless, will increase my training intensity in the coming weeks.

Photos from the Safari Zoo Run:

Start Point to the Night Safari

Congested Human Traffic

Back to the Start Point again and begun journey to the Zoo.

The WHITE Tiger

The Fastest Animal

The Rhino Family

Cute Carnivores

Fancy a meal at the Ah Meng's Restaurant?

And finally the Finishing point of the Safari Zoo Run 2009......