Sunday, September 7, 2008

MR25 Progressive Run 2008 - 30 KM

Met up with Dreamrunner, DO, Cheow, Teelee, Colleen and some of the sgrunners members at the Macrithie Reservoir for the 2nd last 2008 MR25 Progressive run. Was thinking whether to run the full 30 km or make a early u-turn along the route for 20 km run as i was feeling very tired. But making an early u-turn would have giving me a DSQ status, so i decided to try my very best and finish the distance.

The run started at 0700 and the environment was cooling. As expected, the terrain was muddy and wet, and the mud seemed to be "sucking" my energy away from me as i could feel the extreme tiredness at the last 5 km. I put on my newly-bought Fuelbelt Helium 4 for the run. The Fuelbelt appeared to be a little bit loose as i needed to make constant adjustment to the fuelbelt.

At around 27 km into the run, both my quadriceps begun to cramp up. This prompted me to start walking for the rest of the remaining distances. Have to solve this cramp problem which might hinder me from getting my marathon PB on this coming dec. In spite of this problem, i managed to jog/walk to the finishing line in 3 hr 13 mins.

Next week LSD will be in ECP on Sat and not to forget the SWNG KPE run on sunday.

Fuelbelt Helium 4


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