Thursday, July 31, 2008

I-Run weekly at IBP

Went to the I-Run at International Business park (IBP) for a 10 km run on Wednesday. Reached at the IBP Atrium at around 1745. Managed to find the I-Run booth and registered as first timer. Meet up with Dreamrunner and some of the Sgrunners' members (I forgotten their nicks).

The warming up session began at around 1805, which was conducted by Maverick. As this was my first time running in the I-Run, i planned to tag along with Dreamrunner (Dreamrunner was leading the run). But the initial pace was too fast for me and i decided to follow the other 10 km runners. Bumped into Ironman dreamer along the Ulu Pandan park connector. Reached the half way point at around 33 mins and i was thinking that the distance shouldn't be 5 km. Managed to finished the run in 65 mins and gotta a 100-plus at the end of the run. Realized the run was around 12 km.

Running Route IBP - around 12 km

The running route was quite straight forward with flat terrain along the canal. Along the route, there is one traffic light which caused us to stop before the traffic light was favourable for us to cross.

Overall, it was a good run for me as i could feel the strains and muscle aches after the run. Will try to join the I-Run on next wed.
Below are more details on I-Run, which is being held in 3 different locations.

I-run weekly
(Organized by HPB)

i) Singapore River Promenade (Tue,Thurs 1830 onwards),

ii) Science Park (Fri),

iii) International Business Park (Wed)

Descriptions by HPB

"Put on your running shoes and join us for i-Run,a new initiative by HPB and SSC to help you set and meet your short-, mid- and long-term fitness goals through running.

Designed for working adults, i-Run provides regular running sessions to improve participants’ physical fitness as well as running clinics to impart relevant knowledge on running techniques and prevention of running injuries.

Encourage your colleagues and employees to work towards incorporating running and physical activity as an integral part of a healthy lifestyle."


i) Singapore River Promenade (next to UOB Plaza)

ii) Science Park, 87, Science Park Drive, #01-02 Science Hub

iii) JTC Summit Atrium@ International Business Park

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Singapore Marathon 2008

Here are the information on this year Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2008. No change in the title sponsor for this event, initially though that 2007 Singapore Marathon will be the last time Standard Chartered Bank is sponsoring. Standard Chartered Bank nearly doubled the sponsorship fees from $1.05 million to S$2 million and the organziers are targtting 48,000 participants, almost 20% more. This show that more and more Singaporeans are taking up running as their from of exercising. This year running routes will be different from the previous years. No more running in Marina south area. We will be covering more distances along the Nicholl Highway and around the Kallang Cricket Grounds. Not to forget that we will be also running along the Singapore Formula one track, which is held on 26 Sep 08, and through the pitstop areas.

Singapore Marathon 2008

Event Information

Date: Sunday, 7 December 2008
Start Point: Esplanade Drive, The Esplanade Bridge
End Point: St Andrew’s Road, The Padang
Enquiries: + 65 6248 6033

Running Routes

Running routes

Race Divisions

Individual Categories

Start Time

Marathon (42.195km)

Half Marathon (21.1km)

10km - Men

10km - Women

Wheelchair Race (10km)

Kids Dash (750m)

Between 10 - 13 Years Old

Between 7 - 9 Years Old

Between 4 - 6 Years Old*

3 Years Old And Below*

5.30 am

6.30 am

7.30 am

8.15 am

8.45 am

10.30 am

10.45 am

11.00 am

11.30 am

Only one parent/guardian issued with an identification tag will be allowed to accompany any child 6 years old & below.

Team Categories

Start Time

Team - Men

Team - Women

Team - Mixed - Men

- Women

(At least 1 member of the opposite sex)

7.30 am

8.15 am

7.30 am

8.15 am

All men participating in the 10km-Men, Team-Men and Team-Mixed categories will commence their race at 7:30 am.

All women participating in the 10km-Women, Team-Women and Team-Mixed categories will commence their race at 8:15 am.

Previous Years' Facts & Figures

Race Categories

Marathon - 42.195km
Half Marathon - 21.1km
10km (Men) - 10km
10km (Women) - 10km
Wheelchair - 10km
Kids Dash - 750m (Below 13 yrs)

Team (4 - 6 participants per team, each runner running 10km)
Team Men
Team Women
Team Mixed (at least one scoring member of opposite sex)*

* All men participating in the 10km, Team, and Team Mixed categories will commence their race at 07:30am.
* All women in the 10km, Team and Team Mixed categories will commence their race at 08:15am.

Registration Information

Mode of Registration

(Payment only by VISA and MasterCard)

IN-PERSON at Singapore Athletic Association:
- Centre of Excellence - Bukit Gombak Stadium
800 Bukit Batok West Ave 5, Singapore 659081
Operating Hours: Monday - Friday 10.00 am - 5.00 pm

Running Clinics

Running Clinics are designed to help runners prepare and do well at the marathon. Pick up invaluable tips from professional marathoners, running coaches, physicians and running specialists as they cover a variety of interesting and informative topics. You have four months to prepare yourself for The Marathon of the Year! A series of running workshops have been planned with you in mind to take you through each step of the way to run your best on race day and sustain your performance throughout the race.

The workshop series will provide you with:
  1. Invaluable marathon training and running information
  2. Insights into training and racing by experienced athletes
  3. Monthly training guidelines to help you make progress towards race day
  4. Useful practical sessions





Plan a Good Start to a Great Finish

Victoria Junior College

2 August, Saturday


Running Injuries… Can you “run” through them?

Victoria Junior College

6 September, Saturday


Fuelling yourself

Victoria Junior College

11 October, Saturday


Tappering for Race day

Victoria Junior College

1 November, Saturday


Fee: Free

Things to bring:

  • Running shoes that are comfortable to run with
  • Running apparel - shorts & t-shirt
  • Change of clothes
Limited slot only!!!!!!!!

Click here for more details.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Outdoor Venture Clearance Sale ! and updates to PI run

Received this email from outdoor-venture regarding about their upcoming clearance sale. Running lab stores, which are located in Funan Digitalife Mall and Novena Velocity, are one of their brands.

One day clearance sale

Upcoming PI run series 2 running route, which is held on the 10 Aug 08, is unveiled.

PI run 2 route

Looking at the running route, expect to get sunburns as there are not many shady areas along the route and most likely the runners will have to run along the pedestrian walkways.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Our body Sweat ......

The body has a built in temperature regulator, and it function to keep our body temperature constantly on 36 to 37 degree Celsius. Our body perspiration increases in proportional to our body temperature as to keep our internal body temperature level.

Do you know that it is the vaporization of our sweat that ensures the cooling of our body and NOT the sweat secretion?Sweating cools the body - 4 ounces of sweat prevents a 1 degree rise in body temperature. Sweat consists mostly of water, but it also include other nutrients like sodium, chloride and potassium. Our sweat vaporization is influenced by external temperature (Ambient temperature), and the humidity of the air (amount of water vapor in a sample of air).

Sweat vaporization in warm and dry weather will cause cooling of our body sooner than in warm and wet weather. Our body temperature will also increases more in warm than in cool weather. An increment in body temperature will cause overheating, which can lead to heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Click here to find out more in heat sickness from my previous post.

Sweating is good for us as it cools our body, but it is also bad for us if we lose too much water. If our body fluid is not replaced, we will get dehydrated. Dehydration impairs our performance and increases risk of heart problems. One way to know whether we have sufficiently replaced lost fluids is to check our urine color and frequency. A good flow of clear or pale yellow urine is a good indication of sufficient fluids. Dark or reduced urine indicates the need to replace fluids.

Remember to drink plenty of fluids before, during and after a run.

Run to here to find out more in how sweats work.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mizuno Wave Run review

Ran in the Mizuno Wave Run 10 km this morning. Arrived in Temasek Polytechnic at around 0630 and managed to find a parking lot 400 to 500 meters away from the starting point, which is at the Temasek Poly stadium. Get to meet some of the sgrunners kakis, preparing for this run. As for weather wise, it was a cooling sunday morning. Just the perfect weather condition for a morning run. The race started at around 0730, and everyone was running in a fast and furious pace. I managed to complete 5 km in 25 minutes. Almost ran out of breath for the second half of the 10 km. I crossed the finishing line just under 52 mins, its time for me to start incorporate intervals running to improve on my timing.

Overall, there were no major hiccups and a tremendous improvements in the organization in terms of baggage storage and running route (No more last minute route change). But there are also some areas needed to improve. Maybe more cups in the first water point (I took the NEW water bottle), the running route at around 3 km was too narrow (Should had close one lane of the road), and lastly to improve my timing.

Will definitely return for Mizuno Wave run 2009!

And finally got my sundown ultramarathon finisher certificate.

My sundown ultramarathon cert

Sgrunner's group photos

End of race photo

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Inspirations from elderly

Recently, i came across The Straits Times newspaper supplement "Mind your body" which covered the topic on "Growing old, staying active". The author published an article on maintaining health as Singaporeans' life expectancy increases. The article also includes elderly mens' interview. Two of the interviewee gives me some inspirations in running. Below are the abstracts of the two interview taken from the newspaper:

Mr Chan Meng Hui,78 (Photo from The Straits Times)

It is a miracle that Mr Chan Meng Hui is still alive. The self-confessed "naughty boy" used to smoke one to two packets of cigarettes a day and he drank heavily every night.

It was only after he retired from his job as an insurance executive when he was 55 years old that he decided to turn his life around.

The 78-year-old, who now runs a courier service business', 'Said: "It's whether you treasure your life or not. I've seen so many friends die after retirement. I had 10 or 12 drinking kakis who are all gone.

Mr Chan discovered the joys of' running after retirement and promptly got hooked.

When he turned 56, he ran his first marathon. Since then, he has taken part in 76 marathons around the world in countries like Norway, Japan, China and Switzerland.

He runs at least 7km after work everyday and meets his friends from running club MR25 at MacRitchie Reservoir every Sunday morning for 25km run. He said: "My target is to run 100 marathons."

Besides running, he also keeps and himself busy with community choir practice and managing his courier business. He said: "I don't even have time for to watch TV. I'm so busy that every a week passes very fast."

Mr Richard Khoo, 84 (Photo from The Straits Times)

Mr Richard Khoo misses running.The 84-year-old retiree used to run at least 10km every day.

Now he spends more time running after his wife, Lily, 80, who has Alzheimer's disease and is prone to wandering off.

Mr Khoo said: "1 don't run much now because I've to take care of Lily. I want her to come running with me but she's been lost three times." He added: "People in our neighbourhood now help me watch out for her."

The former civil servant has taken part in 44 marathons around the world, including runs in Japan, South Korea and Malaysia. He will attempt the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon this year.

He only started running at the age of 55 after he retired. He said: "Before i turned 55, r was working all the time. I swam but not regularly and I wasn't very active."
His son, Alan, now 54, introduced him to running. Mr Khoo said: "He took me to the National Stadium to show me people of all ages running. He also bought me a pair of running shoes."

Mr Khoo armed himself with a stopwatch and has never stopped to catch his breath since. He said: "The best marathon I've done was in Melbourne, where 1 did 42km under five hours. I run better in colder climates."

He is maniacal about health these days, popping garlic, gingko and omega-3 fish oil pills every day to give his body a boost.

Breakfast is a hearty mix of cereal, coarse rice powder, wheatgerm, cheese and water. He skips lunch and dinner, preferring to "eat only when my body needs it".
Asked why exercise is important for the elderly, he said: "It's important to keep physically active even when you're older. Without that, you'll have health problems."

However, Mrs Khoo's condition has taken a toll on him in recent months. His last medical check-up in June showed that his blood pressure had shot up and that he had developed diabetes. He now takes medication to control his blood sugar levels.

Although he has stopped running regularly, he is confident that he will be able to complete the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon in December.

He said: "I should be able to pace myself and run it at a relaxing pace."

He plans to keep within an average time of running 1km in 13 to 14 minutes.

He added: "I'll be running marathons until the end of time."

The articles also mentioned about five behaviours in elderly men that are associated with living long and well. According to Dr Laurel Yates, a geriatrician, elderly men should:
  1. Abstain from smoking
  2. Manage their weight
  3. Control their blood pressure
  4. Avoid diabetes
  5. Exercise regularly
To sum up, you never too old to enjoy running......

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Imagine wearing THESE for marathon

Running a marathon is already a very tough task for most people, can you imagine how these runners managed to complete their marathon? Maybe one day, i shall try one of these costumes in marathon.


Fancy a drink?

Garfield's cousin?

Scooby Doooooo

Wonder how can one run in this costume???

Watch out! Chicken!

Mario Bros

More photos from here.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Update to Northface 100 clinics & training sessions

Here is the link to the registration of the clinics & training sessions.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Injury Prevention Performance Improvement Plan

Here are some more of the running seminar informations that i had shared earlier.

"Here's a 4-Step Injury Prevention Performance Improvement Plan that can help you or members of your sports team reduce your chance of getting injured, and in so doing, save your time and 'money while increasing your enjoyment of your favorite activities.

Step 1 : Have a proper review done.
  • See your sports doctor or sports physiotherapist and have a professional assessment of your injury risk factors. Particular attention should be given to any current or past injuries that interfere with your activity either because of pain, weakness, or instability.
  • This assessment will aim to put into place a series of exercises that specifically address your injury risk factors. These exercises include specific stretching of tight muscles and tendons, strengthening of certain muscles, and balancing your joint movements and muscles. The aim of the exercises (which may seem very simple at first) is not only to prevent injuries, but also to improve your performance of exercise or sports skills.
  • These prevention-performance exercises should then be made a part of your physical preparation for your activity or sport. For sports which are played during certain competitive seasons, or for activities which you are preparing for (e.g. your first half-marathon, or the annual triathlon race), the injury risk factor review will help you to plan when you should focus on these exercises as part of your schedule. Typically, the off-season is a great time to be reviewed and to start' prevention­ performance work in preparation for the next season.
Step 2 : Invest in the right equipment
  • For most exercise and sports, the most crucial piece of equipment is your shoes. If you followed the advice for Step 1, part of your review will include an assessment of your feet what shape they are, what shape they are in, what problems you may have (and some which you may not be aware of ), and how your current sports shoes perform for your toot type. Advice on the right type of shoes or perhaps supportive insoles can then lead to a lowering of your injury risk, less aches and pain, and better performance.
  • Other equipment choices are dependent on your injuries you may have already. Changing the grip size of your tennis racket, altering your golf grip, or changing your golf club shafts - these may impact on chronic injuries that affect you now. Altering seat post height for cyclists with knee pain, bowling ball weight and finger positions for bowlers, correct support or bracing equipment for injured joints - the list goes on and on, all leading to reduced injury risk.
Step 3 : Manage injuries promptly & properly
  • We looked at injuries and how to treat them properly. The truth is that a lot of injuries are ignored or managed inadequately because people don't attach much importance to them. By the time proper help is sought, the injury has worsened or not healed as well as it could have, and the injury recovery becomes delayed - which may be intensely frustrating indeed. Sometimes, the wrong treatment is given: a fresh injury is rubbed and massaged, and heat is applied, all of which worsens the injury and brings about more swelling. This is notoriously seen in ankle sprains, and leads to prolonged swelling, loss of strength and stability of the ankle, and delays the return to exercise and sports. In many cases, the ankle never recovers to "what it used to be".
  • Timely treatment by properly trained professionals will help injuries to heal faster, identify ways to prevent further and future injuries, and reinforce prevention-performance measures to be included as part of your exercise and sports. You spend less time away -from your activity, and prevent more injuries in the longer term. Doesn't that seem to be a good idea?
Step 4 : Make prevention a way of life!
  • Many sports people focus a lot of energy and resources on developing better skill and technique. Their individual and team training programs feature drills and activities that aim to sharpen such techniques as well as game or competition strategy. There is often a lack of similar zeal for physical conditioning that is aimed at preventing injuries. If this was developed properly, such conditioning would not only reduce injuries but also help to improve sports performance as well.
  • Making prevention-performance a way of life means following Steps 1-3, identifying appropriate exercises, and building these into your regular individual or team training program. Prevention is then not a separate program but an integral component of the overall training program. This is the approach taken by top sports teams internationally.
  • An example: in sports medicine circles world-wide, there is concern over the increased number of knee injuries in. women's sports such as netball and basketball. The specific injury is a sprain of a major knee ligament (for your tech types: the anterior cruciate ligament) and this may lead to the ligament being tom, we are no stranger to this in the local netball league. Top teams now employ a prevention strategy that consists·o1 identifying which players are at greater risk of the injury, and then correcting the factors that place them at higher risk of this ligament sprain or tear. This involves specific stretching and strengthening, alteration of landing/turning/stop-go movements, and correction of biomechanical factors including correct shoe choices.
So for all of you out there who have been injured before and suffered the infuriating delays in returning to exercise or sports, and especially for those of you who find that you have lost some strength or stability since getting injured, there is a word of hope for now and the future: prevention."

Monday, July 21, 2008

Singapore Marathon 2008 Registration Open!

Registration for Singapore marathon 2008 had opened, and its time for me to register my 2nd Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon. Did my maiden last year December. No inflation in the race fees, which had maintained at $85 for runners who sign up during the normal period, and the route will be different as compare to the previous year.

Singapore Marathon 2008 Leaflet which was found in my mail box.

Will start to run in East Coast park more often in order to get use to the flat terrain and BBQ smell.(Feeling hungry....)

Route of Singapore Marathon 2008

For the first 500 runners to sign up in-person from 11.00am to 5.00pm today at Raffles Place, each will receive an exclusive sign-up pack (Limited to one pack per person. While stocks last). Here are the goodies which the lucky 500 runners gotta:

1) 1 white fabric bag with SCSM logo
2) i Adidas Essent Corp Cap
3) 1 Black shoe puch with SCSM 08 logo
4) 1 plastic tie (to tie the Champion chip)
5) 1 Nature Vally bar
6) 1 SCSM Post-it pad
7) 1 sachets Berocca
8) 1 sachet deep heat rub

Managed to find the photo of the goodies in sgrunner's forum (Courtesy of seek00000)

Goodie bag for the first 500 registrars

Sunday, July 20, 2008

NorthFace 100 Clinics & Training Sessions

The NorthFace 100 Singapore will be organizing 4 clinics & training sessions. Registration fee for all clinics are $5 each and will be conducted by Synergy Multi-Sport. Here are the details for the clinics:

Clinics & Training Sessions


The North Face 100 is the pinnacle of trail runs in Singapore. A challenging course through the key catchment areas. In view of growing not only the ultra-running community in Singapore, TNF has introduced the following series of clinics to help educate athletes and grow the sport of trail running; fast disappearing in the urban city of Singapore.

Trail Running Technique

Saturday 2nd August, 3pm
Tampines Mountain Biking Trail

Trail running requires more total-body fitness and a better sense of running technique than running on the roads. Trail tactics are vital, too, as is knowledge of the terrain you're likely to encounter. This clinic will introduce what you need to know about running on the trails.

Running Injury Free

Saturday 23rd August, 3pm
Kent Ridge Mountain Biking Trail

How to avoid injury when training for long distance running races? In this clinic, the participants will learn to walk the fine line between building fitness and injury prevention; the key to long term running success.

Gear Up for Trail Running

Saturday 30th August, 3pm
Tampines Mountain Biking Trail

The North Face will provide a run through of the specifics of gearing up for trail running with extensive line of performance apparel, equipment and footwear. Offering the most technically advanced products on the market, The North Face is committed to pushing the limits of design, so that you can push your limits outdoors.

Nutrition for Ultra-Distance Running

Saturday 13th September, 3pm
Macritichie Reservoir

The body needs to operate at peak efficiency so the ultra-runner can perform to their best ability. With the difference between winning and losing, or merely finishing the race comfortably, nutrition could be the deciding factor. This clinic addresses the specific needs of the ultra-distance athlete.

Click here for more details

Official Training Partner - Synergy Multi-Sport

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Mizuno Wave Run Goodie Bag

Remember my last post about improvements to Mizuno wave run 08 as promised by the organizers? True enough, the organizers had made a good start to the promises with the amount of goodies in the runner's entitlements.

Went to the youth park, which is located opposite cineleisure,this morning to collect the race park. No human traffic jam encountered as i was one of the early birds. Here are the goodies :

Goodies bag with all the goodies

The items are :

- Mizuno duffle bag & limited edition running singlet (total worth $68.90)
- Men's Health june 2008 Singapore edition ($6.00)
- 30% discount on Mizuno shoes
- some advertisement pamphlets

My bib number

Running singlet

This year will be their 5th anniversary Wave run.
More Goodies,

Men's Health and the bag indicate 5th anniversary Mizuno Wave Run

All these entitlements for a cost of $25, which was registered through sgrunners.

Friday, July 18, 2008

What is Fitness?

When we talk about fitness, we always refer to physical fitness. Physical fitness is actually one of the component of Total fitness.

Different types of fitness

Total fitness consists of :

1) Physical Fitness
2) Health Fitness - maintaining good health e.g. no smoking, etc.
3) Social Fitness - involving in social activities actively e.g. group gathering for activities
4) Mental Fitness - mentally alert at all times even under adverse conditions
5) Emotional Fitness - be able to control one's emotion when facing emergency situation.

I will focus more into physical Fitness.

Definition of Physical Fitness

Physical fitness is used in two close meanings: general fitness (a state of health and well-being) and specific fitness (a task-oriented definition based on the ability to perform specific aspects of sports or occupations).

Physical fitness is the capacity of the heart, blood vessels, lungs, and muscles to function at optimum efficiency. In previous years, fitness was defined as the capacity to carry out the day’s activities without undue fatigue. Automation increased leisure time, and changes in lifestyles following the industrial revolution meant this criterion was no longer sufficient. Optimum efficiency is the key. Physical fitness is now defined as the body’s ability to function efficiently and effectively in work and leisure activities, to be healthy, to resist hypokinetic diseases, and to meet emergency situations. Fitness can also be divided into five categories aerobic fitness, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition - Wikipedia.

Components of Physical Fitness

The components of physical fitness can be grouped into 4 main groups as follows:
  • Cardio-vascular and respiratory endurance
  • Muscular strength and endurance
  • Flexibility
  • Motor-abilities (co-ordination, speed, agility, balance, power, reaction time.)
Cardio-vascular and respiratory endurance

This in plain language means stamina which involves the heart, circulatory and breathing systems. In order to perform the body needs energy. Energy is derived from the food we consume and air (oxygen) we breath. Air is carried into the lungs through the respiratory system. From the lungs it is caried to the different parts of the body by the blood (red corpuscles) through the heart which acts as a pump. The oxygen then mixes with the nutrients and energy is produced.

Cardio-vascular system

The heart is a muscular organ. Its function is to pump the used blood containing CO2 to the lungs to be exchanged for the oxygen. The oxygenated blood is then pumped by the heart to various parts of the body to burn the energy food to supply energy. The stronger the heart, the fewer the contracting (heart beats) and the greater the volume of blood that is being sent from the heart to all parts of the body. The heart is less strained if one is fitter, and aerobic activities are normally steady and regular.

Respiratory system

When one breathes, two main actions take place in the body. The ribcage will expand and the diaphragm rushes into the body to fill up the lungs. When one breathes out the reverse occurs. Therefore, in order for these two components to work efficiently, they must be developed. Physical activities are generally divided into two main categories namely Respiratory and anaerobic activities.

Muscular strength and endurance

Muscular strength is the ability of a particular muscle group to overcome a resistance for a short period. The only way to develop muscular strength is to overload the resistance in training. This will not only increase the power of the muscle but also its size. Muscular endurance is the ability of a group of muscle to overcome resistance over an extended period of time. The way to build up muscular endurance is to increase the repetitions of exercise with less resistance. Muscular training activities are normally classified into three different categories, namely: Isometric exercise, Isotonic exercise and Isokinetic exercise.


Flexibility of the body is necessary so that the joints of the body permit a wide range of motion. These components are necessary in everyday life and the best types of exercises for the development of this component is call calisthenics.

Motor abilities

Motor abilities or motor skills are generally performance orientated and can be sub-divided into various components but generally it encompasses the following: Co-ordination, balance, agility, reaction time, speed, explosive power.

Feel free to give comments.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Macritchie Run 11 km - 16 July 08

Decided to run in the Macritchie reservoir park again. Was wearing my red Asics Nimbus 9. The weather was hot and sunny and the running trail was slightly muddy. This time round, i ran in the clockwise direction as oppose to my regular anticlockwise run. Once again, ran past some military soldiers along the 11 km route. Parts of the Macritchie reservoir park are their training ground. Was surprised to compete the route slightly under 1 hr, a personal best for me (Previously, all my timings were around 1 hr +). Was it due to the different direction that i took? I think so. Next time, i will time my timing for anticlockwise direction run.

Another Macritchie trail route layout

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Update on the Nike+ Human Race 10K

Here are some update on the Nike plus 10 K run:

Nike+ Human race route

Race Pack Entitlements

Each participant in the Nike+ Human Race 10K will receive:

  • A Nike+ Human Race Tee (material: sphere dry fit)- A loaned ChampionChip device
  • A Nike+ Human Race 10K Tote Bag- A Nike waterbottle- Other goodies

Nike + Human Race 10K Runner Entitlements:

  • 20% off all running products*
  • SGD $10 off the purchase of a Nike+ SportBand*
*At selected Nike retail stores only click here

Nike+ Human Race Tee

Offer is valid from now until 31st August.
Produce your Nike+ Human Race 10K voucher** to enjoy the exclusive runner's entitlement.

**download available once virtual registration is completed

The top 2000 Nike+ Human Race 10K Virtual Finishers will each receive a Finisher’s Bracelet.

Virtual runners have the option to buy a Nike Human Race tee (material: sphere dri-fit, based on US sizing) at S$35 (*7% GST applies) on race pack collection day with parts of the proceeds going to one of the three charities of their choice.


Men's & Women's Open:
1st - $500 cash + $500 Nike voucher + trophy
2nd - $300 cash + $300 Nike voucher + trophy
3rd - $200 cash + $200 Nike voucher + trophy

Men's & Women's Under 25:
1st - $500 Nike voucher
2nd - $300 Nike voucher
3rd - $200 Nike voucher

Human Race Training Runs

Beginning 19th July 2008, Nike will kick off 5 weeks of free training runs. Runners of all abilities are welcomed. Use this as a supplement to your own training or as a part of the Racers' Toolbox Human Race Training Programmes.

Participation is *FREE*! Limited to the first 100 participants to sign up per session.

All participants will receive:
  • Time trials with professional pacers
  • Podiatrist Consultation from the professionals @ ‘ The Foot Practice'Post
  • Run refreshments
  • Training consultation from the experts from Racers' Toolbox
  • Nike Product Trials
Get a chance to trial the Nike+ SportBands or the new Nike Air Zoom Victory+, one of the lightest and fastest training shoes ever created by Nike - developed without compromising cushioning and support

Stand a chance to win Nike+ SportsBands, Nike+ enabled Zoom Victory running shoes, running accessories, Apple ipod Nanos and Racers' Toolbox performance testing sessions

On top of this, attend 4 training runs with us and receive a limited edition Nike+ Human Race 10K gym sacks. Furthermore, be one of the first 50 and you will get exclusive entry to the Nike+ Runners Lounge on race day - definitely a special experience you will not want to miss!

Join us for our 5 weeks of training run. Runs begin at 8am, registration begins at 7.30am.

See below for the training schedule:

19th Jul 08 East Coast Park, Playground 4km
27th Jul 08 City Run 5km
3rd Aug 08 East Coast Park, Playground 6km
10th Aug 08 West Coast Park, Grand Lawn 7km
17th Aug 08 East Coast Park, Playground 8km

Click here for more details

Monday, July 14, 2008

SAFRA Sheares Bridge Run & Army Half Marathon 08

The Annual Army Half Marathon is back, will try to improve my previous year timing of 1hr 55 mins. And this will be the very first time running through the newly built marina barrage.

About Singapore Bay Run

The annual SAFRA Sheares Bridge Run & Army Half Marathon is back! Re-branded as the SAFRA Singapore Bay Run & Army Half Marathon, it will bring you past the iconic landmarks of the Marina Bay area.

Join Singapore’s largest mass-running event, Singapore Bay Run, is THE run experience you will not want to miss!

For the very first time, experience the run through the Marina Barrage, not forgetting the iconic Sheares Bridge, all in 1 day!

Date : Sunday, 24 August 2008

Start Point : Esplanade Drive

End Point : Padang

Time :

21 km - 6:30am
10 km - 7:30am

1o km - 7:30am
6 km - 8.30am

AHM 08 running route

Race Expo

The collection of your race pack will be held on the following date and time:

Date: Fri, 15 Aug - Sun, 17 Aug
Venue: SAFRA Toa Payoh
Time: 10am-6pm

Please bring along your NRIC for the collection of your race pack. If you are unable to make it on any of the 3 days, you may nominate/authorise a representative to do so on your behalf with a photocopy of your NRIC and an authorisation letter which would be made available for download at a later date.

Competitive 21KM Army Half Marathon Participants:
You will find in your race pack an Event T-shirt, Number Tag, ChampionChip programmed with your data, Goodie Bag and Lucky Draw Coupon. You will only receive the finisher’s medal at the finishing line on the event day. All competitive runners will enjoy free bag deposit service on the event day. A personalised certificate will also be sent to you one month after the event.

Competitive 10KM SAFRA Singapore Bay Run Participants
You will find in your race pack an Event T-shirt, Number Tag, ChampionChip programmed with your data, Goodie Bag and Lucky Draw Coupon. You will only receive the finisher’s medal at the finishing line on the event day. All competitive runners will enjoy free bag deposit service on the event day. A personalised certificate will also be sent to you one month after the event.

Non-Competitive 10KM & 6KM SAFRA Singapore Bay Run Participants
You will find in your race pack an Event T-shirt, Lucky Draw Coupon, Number Tag as well as the Goodie Bag.

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About Marina Barrage

  • The Marina Barrage is a dam built across the Marina Channel. It acts as a tidal barrier that prevents high tides from causing flooding of inland low-lying areas at the same time creates a fresh water reservoir behind it.
  • It provides three main benefits: Water Supply, Flood Control and a New Lifestyle Attraction.
  • It is therefore a unique 3-in-1 project.

Model of Marina Barrage

Will do a road recce on the AHM route before the actual race day. Stay tune for the Photos of the Barrage. Can't wait to run through the Marina barrage!

More on Marina Barrage

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Motivation : Are you losing motivation in running?

Recently, i have been losing the desire to run. Am i getting lazy or tired or stressful?

Motivation is a reason or set of reasons for engaging in a particular behavior, especially human behavior as studied in psychology and neuropsychology. The reasons may include basic needs (e.g., food, water, shelter) or an object, goal, state of being, or ideal that is desirable, which may or may not be viewed as "positive," such as seeking a state of being in which pain is absent. The motivation for a behavior may also be attributed to less-apparent reasons such as altruism or morality. - Wikipedia

I recalled reading one of the books which gives interesting tips on staying motivated in running. The book states that consistency is the most important part of conditioning and fitness. And motivation is the most important factor in being consistent. It also discuss our brain as the source of staying motivated.

Our brain is divided into 2 different hemispheres namely the right and left brain (see picture). Dr Roger Wolcott Sperry noted that the left and the rig hemispheres are connected by an incredibly complex network of p to 300 million nerve fibers called the Corpus Callosum. He was also able to show that the two halves of the brain tend to have different functions.

Dr Sperry's left/right brain model

As noted from the picture, the left brain tends to be logical and the right brain is creative and intuitive. Stress activate the left brain and the left brain will start to sends us a stream of logical messages that tell us "to stop" or "take it easy". All these negative messages tend to decrease our motivation.

In order for us to stay motivated, there are ways to keep us going. For example going back to our memories and pull out instances when you started to lose motivation, but finished and overcome that particular challenge. Another way is to distract our left brain by activating our creative right brain.(How?)

There are always signs of low motivation. Lack of desire to train is one of the symptom. Less than 100 percent effort in training, not running as hard as you normally do, shortening the running distances and finding excuses like "because of hot weather" to skip training are some of the signs and symptoms of low motivation. If any of the symptoms occur, it will be difficult to achieve your goals.

How to develop motivation?

Set long term goals like to run under 2 hours for half marathon by certain date, etc. The sense of achievement of the effort inspires and motivates you to strive higher. Have a regular running partner as its difficult to be consistently motivated by training alone. Vary workouts as running the same route and distance tend to get monotonous and boring. Use motivational cues like inspirational quotes or photographs. Look at it periodically and experience the emotions it generates. Develop the heart of motivation by involving your passion. Run because of your passion. And once you truly love running, the motivation will be there to pursue your goals.

I managed to get motivated in running because of my passion....

Friday, July 11, 2008

North Face 100 Singapore

Singapore will be holding the first ever North Face 100 race this coming October.This inaugural run will be held in the central catchment area (see map), and Singapore will be the third race in the series. The Central catchment areas are bounded 4 reservoirs - namely MacRitchie reservoir, Lower Peirce reservoir , upper Peirce reservoir and Upper Seletar reservoir.

Map of Central catchment area

Date : 4 October 2008

Venue :
Central Catchment Area, Singapore

The North Face 100® Schedule

May 17 2008, The Blue Mountains, Australia
July 26 2008, Tagaytay City, The Philippines
October 4 2008, Central Catchment Area, Singapore
April 2009, The Great Wall of China, China

The North Face 100 Singapore

Runners will have the opportunity to run the 100km in pairs, each completing approximately 50km. The route will showcase the country's best natural point of interests, highlighting conservation efforts by The National Parks Board of Singapore. Runners can look forward to putting their best foot forward on a variety of terrains - hard-packed, mud-rooted, tarmac and watercrossings.

Course Map

To keep runners on their toes, the exact run route will only be revealed 1 week prior to race day on Saturday, Sept 27 2008 at the race kit collection. The race kit collection will be held at The North Face Shop.

Race Category

Mens Duo

Womens Duo

There will not be a solo category this year. Only a team category is available. Each team will be made up of 2 members of the same gender. Each member will complete approximately 50km. Team members may run individually and need not cross the finish line together. The finish time of each member will be total final finish time of the team.

Race Fee Early Bird (July 10 to July 24) – SGD 150 per team
Normal (July 24 to August 30) – SGD 190 per team Participant Entitlements

Participant Entitlements

All participants will receive the following goodies.
  • Exclusive The North Face 100 Singapore
  • Event T-shirt The North Face Paper Bag
  • And other product goodies

All Participants must have the following required equipment for the purpose of this race.

i. A 2-liter (minimum) hydration backpack
ii. Hydration Salts
iii. Energy Gels & Bars

– I think this race will be self sufficient for the participants

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Singapore Weather

Recently, Singapore had been experienced rain throughout the day. This wet weather has forced me to change my running routine. I would like to share the monsoons of Singapore:

Typically, there are four different types of monsoon in Singapore, namely;

Northeast (N.E) monsoon - Dec to March
Pre-Southwest monsoon - Apr to May
Southwest (S.W) monsoon - Jun to Sep
Post S.W monsoon - Oct to Nov

Currently, Singapore is experiencing S.W monsoon.

What is S.W monsoon?

The southwestern summer monsoons occur from June through September. The sun is at its northernmost limit in june and throughout this season, a series of deep low pressure systems exist over the Asian continent. In the Southern Hemisphere, the high pressure cell over Australia Continent is also well-developed and the S.E trades associated with it are deflected across the Equator to become S.W monsoon of the Northern Hemisphere.

In Singapore, the S.W Monsoon sets in during May and persists until Sep. The southwest winds seldom affect Singapore because of the orographic interference of Sumatra (Indonesia). The moist S.W winds do flow at times over the northern tip of Sumatra reaching large areas of Malaysia as north-westerlies bringing about increasing shower activity to the west coast. These north-westerlies sometimes reach Singapore. But more often, the south of Peninsula Malaysia and Singapore come under the influence of the S.E Trades which have not yet deflected.

At the height of the monsoon, the S.E flow may predominate and the weather is mainly fair with only isolated showers inland during the day. However, when this S.E wind-flow weakens and part of north-west peninsula Malaysia is overladen by the North West winds, Singapore experiences severe line squalls known as "Sumatras" during the latter part of the night or morning which move in from the sea to the western coast.

The chief features of the South-west monsoon season is the incidence of morning squalls known as "Sumatras" which develop within the south to north-west sector (the general direction of Sumatra). These squalls consists of gusty winds occasionally strong, often accompanied by heavy rain and thunder with drops in temperature, but the more intense features of the storm seldom last for more than one hour. "Sumatras" occur on the average three to four time a month throughout the season. The highest recorded wind speed during a Sumatra is 114 kilometres per hour.

In conclusion, Singapore will experience Southeast/Southwest Winds. Isolated to scattered late morning and early afternoon showers. Early morning 'Sumatra' line squalls.

Click here for more details in Monsoon.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Runners Forum - From Novice to Professional

There will be a public forum on running which will be held in Changi General Hospital. Will definitely try to attend this forum.

Date :
23 Aug 2008 , Saturday

Time : 1400 - 1600

Venue : Auditorium, Training Centre, Level 1, Changi General Hospital

Reg. Fee : $4.00

Taken from Changi General Hospital website :

"If you have been a triathlete or competitive runner for some time now, and are seriously interested in running like a professional, then you need to attend this.

Learn how you can smoothly and successfully adopt a professional and systematic training approach from the experts at this public Runners' Forum"

The program is as such :

1.00 pm : Registration

2.00 pm : Welcome Address
Dr Ben Tan
Head and Senior Consultant Sports Physician, CSMC

2.05 pm : Determinants of Running Performance - Aerobic Capacity, Anaerobic Capacity, Running Economy
Dr Jason Chia
Consultant Sports Physician

2.25 pm : Structuring your Training Programme
Dr Roger Tian
Senior Resident Physician

2.45 pm : Video Gait Analysic - Optimising your Running Technique
Dr Ben Tan
Head and Senior Consultant Sports Physician, CSMC

3:05 pm : Recovery Strategies and Injury Prevention
Ms Shamsynar Ani
Senior Sports Physiotherapist

3.25 pm: Q & A
3.40 pm: Tea
4.00 pm: End

Closing date: 15 August 2008, Friday

"Changi General Hospital is committed to improving the health of the community in the east.

We understand that health is a subject that of great concern to everyone, not least our patients and our community.

The hospital organizes a regular series of public forums which aim to share useful health information the community in the east.

These forums are an ideal opportunity for members of the public to learn from our panel of specialist doctors and healthcare professionals.

During the panel discussions, their health concerns can also be addressed. Pre-registration is required.

Seats are confirmed upon receipt of payment and on a first-come-first-served basis. For enquiries, please email to or contact
Corporate Affairs at 6850 1550 / 6850 2735."

Click here for more details.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Macritchie run - 11 km

Went to Macritchie reservoir for a run in the evening. Immediately drove to the location after work in order not to get caught in the traffic jam. Was expecting wet and muddy trail due to the heavy downpour that occurred in the late morning. To my surprise, the trail was only a quarter muddy. The weather was cooling as the clouds begun to cover the sky. Decided to run along the yellow route (No 4), which is 11 km long.

Macritchie Reservoir routes

I always like to run in Macritchie reservoir trail as i am able to escape running on the hard concrete pathways in my neighborhood. I could also enjoy the nature as i ran past the numerous mammals along the route. This was my first time wearing my newly bought Asics Nimbus 9 (Red) for the run. Require the cushion to prevent my feet from getting damaged by the rocks.

Managed to complete the route in slightly over an hour. Met my former camp officer at the end point as he had just finished work. Was told that he had joined the Army Half Marathon and had started his hard training. This time round i will aim to beat him in the AHM race.

I also promise myself that i will run at least once a week in Macritchie Reservoir trail.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Mizuno Wave Run

Will be running in this year Mizuno Wave Run.

Date : 27 July 08
Venue : Temasek Poly sports stadium
Time : Should be 0730

Mizuno Wave Run 2008 poster

Almost all the runners encountered bad experience in the 2007 Mizuno Wave run, which i decided to skip the running and aimed straight to the goodie bag collection. Below are the email, which was sent by the organizer, regarding about the bad experiences:

"Dear Participants,

Thank you for attending the Mizuno Wave Run 2007. We are pleased to announce that you have helped raised $50,000 for both The Society for the Aged Sick Home and Bedok Reservoir Dragon Boat House Building Fund. This could not have been done without your participation.

We would also like to take this opportunity to apologise for the confusion and unpleasant experience during the run. We acknowledge that there were several concerns during the run and kindly allow us to explain:

It was unfortunate that there were two events running concurrently at the Bedok Reservoir Park. Apart from the Mizuno Wave Run, the Aljunied GRC also planned a Walk-a-Jog for its elderly residents. We were unaware that the latter event was situated very closely to ours and when we found out, it was beyond our control to shift ours to another area. It was also because due to the lack of space at the reservoir, both events were located very closely to each other and thus resulting in overlapping of events.

In addition, as both events were within close proximity, the GRC has requested from VGO Corporation Limited to use the stage for their prize-giving ceremony. Out of goodwill, we obliged. The timing of the GRC’s prize-giving ceremony was intended to be different from ours. But in reality, this did not happened and resulted in even further confusion during the event.

Lastly, as the location was overcrowded by people, the road marshals could not be identified amongst the crowd and thus not able to guide the runners properly to the finishing line.

With regards to the collection of goodie bags, due to the lack of manpower and insufficient planning for the sizes, we were not able to issue the bags as quickly as we hope to. Plus, there were a sizeable number of runners who requested to exchange size on the spot and resulted in a longer queue time.

Please accept our apologies and we sincerely hope that this will not mar your enthusiasm to participate in the next Mizuno Wave Run. We are constantly looking into ways to improve the Run and if you have any ideas on how we can improve, please do not hesitate to write in to us at

Once again, we thank you for your participation and sorry for the inconvenience caused. We hope to see you back again next year.

Yours faithfully,

VGO Corporation Limited

These are the improvements which the organizer had vowed;

"Summary of Improved Mizuno Wave Run:

- NEW running route; same start & finish point; no more bottle-necked situation

- Electronic Timing using i-Tag – everyone will know their timing

- Better goodie bag – Mizuno duffle bag & limited edition running singlet (total worth $68.90)

- Events Organizer hired – better logistics, marshals to guide the runners throughout the run, clearer baggage counter, sufficient drinking points

- Lucky Draw – better prizes from Mizuno, World of Sports, Samsung, Sky Fitness and Fabulous Tan."

Below is the new running route for this year;

Route 2008

Hope to have good experiences this time round!