Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Birth of My first Road Bike

Today mark the day of my first road bike....

Gotta myself a SCOTT speedster S20 from Cyclecraft after weeks of sourcing...

After learning on how to swim in front crawl technique, my next objective will be learning on how to bike. Hopefully, in time for Singapore Ironman 70.3 ...

Friday, December 26, 2008

Swimming .......

Haven't been running after the Singapore marathon as i was trying to recover from my ITBs problem. It was a blessing in disguise as i take this opportunity to improve my swimming technique. In order to qualify for the Singapore Biathlon, i had been doing intensive front crawl training. Finally, after 3 months of learning and practicing, i managed to swim 1.5 km under 40 mins. And i did my longest swim in my swimming history today by swimming continuously for 3 km. These achievements have rekindle my hope of completing an Ironman event in the coming future. Now is the time to source for a Bike......

Monday, December 22, 2008

Singapore Biathlon

Finally after weeks of learning to swim in Front crawl techniques, i managed to swim for 30 laps continuously. Will be going for the swimming trials as required by the organizers, which is to able to swim 1.5 km under 40 minutes.

Event : Singapore Biathlon 2009 (1.5km Swim • 10km Run)
Date/Time : 7 March 09 ; 7.00am •
Venue : East Coast Park (near Car Park F2)

Swimming and Running routes

Requirement : Swim Trials

In order to ascertain the swimming proficiency and confidence level in doing long-distance swim, participants are required to participate in a swim trial.

All first-time participants must participate in a swim trial within 14 days of registration. It is ok if you fail the first try as it will serve as a gauge on your current physical standard. You may book for another swim trial date within two weeks as well.

Qualifying Time

Participant should be able to swim 30 laps of 50 metres under 40 minutes.

Race Categories

Men's Open 15 years and above (as of 7 March 2009)
Women's Open 15 years and above (as of 7 March 2009)
Men's Veteran 40 years and above (as of 7 March 2009)
Women's Veteran 40 years and above (as of 7 March 2009)
Team Challenge Team of 2 from the same company/organization
SAF Invitation Team of 5 (pls refer to below for details)

Registration Fee

SAFRA Member Public Team Challenge (Team of 2)
Normal Rate(24 Nov 08 to 31 Dec 08)
$46 $52 $110
Final Rate(1 Jan 09 to 31 Jan 09)
$54 $60 $130

Closing date for registration: Sun, 31 Jan 09

Registration fees are non-transferable and non-refundable. The Organising Committee reserves the right to close registration earlier should participation reaches the capacity before the said closing date.

Click here for more details.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Is Runners more prone to leg injuries than triathletes?

An interesting article on triathletes and runners:

Straits times articles - 201208

Runners more prone to leg injuries than triathletes

By Lee Hui Chieh

LONG-DISTANCE runners are three times more likely than triathletes - who run, swim and cycle to injure their legs, a study here has found.

This is probably because long-distance runners focus on pounding the pavement and chalk up much more "mileage" each week than triathletes, said the Study's author, Dr Kevin Lee.

The news comes as an increasing number of Singaporeans take up long-distance running. For example, this year's Singapore Marathon saw a record 50,000 participants, up from 40,000 last year. Of the 50,000, more than 15,000 ran the full 42km distance.

The study also found that those who ran more than lO km weekly were almost twice as likely to suffer leg injuries than those who ran shorter distances.

It did not matter how long the runner spent warming up, how often he ran, or how many years he had been running. Dr Lee, 36, a consultant with the National University Hospital's division of adult reconstructive surgery, did the study to identify the common injuries and the risk factors associated with running.

With the help of a medical student and a biostatistician, he surveyed just over 500 runners who have covered at least 5km a week for at least five . years. They were aged between 15 and 65, and most of them were men.

One in three had leg injuries, mainly sprains, strains, and tears to the cartilage and the central ligament of the knee. For almost one in 10 of those injured, the injuries were serious enough to require surgery.

The study also found that being female and running on uneven surfaces, such as park trails, increased the risk of leg injury by almost twofold.

The relatively wider hips of women result in a greater force at the knees, making them more likely to twist, Dr Lee said.

Based on the results, those running purely to keep fit should run less than 10km a week, on level ground, to reduce their risk of getting injured, he advised.
Women, and those for whom reducing running distance is not an option, can do exercises to strengthen the thigh and knee muscles, he added.

Mr Charles Wu, 56, a senior medical technologist, has been running regularly for the past 33 years. He has completed more than 40 marathons and finished an 84km ultra-marathon in May.

Since a knee operation in 1999, he has halved the distance he runs every week, to about 40km. But despite the risk of injury, he cannot run less because he finds it addictive and says it helps him relieve stress and keep trim.

He said: "I think the benefits outweigh the risk of injury."

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

More Year End Sales!!!


New Balance IMM Factory Outlet Mega Sale
Date : 17 to 21 December 2008
Time : 11am - 9.30pm (Mon - Sun)
Venue : New Balance Factory Outlet
IMM Building
2 Jurong East Street 21 #02-37
Singapore 609601
Mode of Payment: Cash, NETS, Visa and MasterCard

Polar Watches Discount from Athlete's Circle.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sundown Marathon 2009 and My NB 15km cert

Sundown marathon is back and will be held in 30 May 09. Still deciding whether to revisit sundown 2008 ultramarathon or just participate the marathon.

Click here for SunDown marathon 2009!

Received the New Balance Real run cert:

Friday, December 12, 2008

Time for Year End Clearance Sale!

Look like its a good time to stock up running apparels. Maybe some Triathlon apparels as well!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Singapore Marathon 2008 Finisher's goodies

Here are the awards given to the marathon finishers:

Finisher's T-shirt

2007 (Left) and 2008 (Right) Finisher's Medal

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Finally Completed my 2nd Singapore Marathon!

Reached the swissotel at around 0430 and managed to find a lot of parking lots empty. Maybe i was too early...

Got to meet some of the Team Fatbird Marathon pacers in the starting area as i went in search for the 4:15 hr Pacers. Managed to find the pacers in the sub 5 hr pen. The race was flagged off at 0530 and the Shenton way was slowly filled up with marathon runners. Was following the 4:15 pacer for a few minutes before losing contact as their initial pace was too fast for me. I decided to run on my own pace.

I managed to complete the 1st half of the marathon in 2 hours, maybe i could go for sub 4 hours marathon if i do a negative splits. But as usual, my legs begun to cramped up at the 28km mark as i searched for deep heating rub cream. Fortunately, a drink station was nearby and i managed to get the cream for a temporarily pain relieve.

I was quite pleased with the number of drink stations along the route as there were definitely more drink stations than last year SCSM. But there were few instances where all the runners from different categories merged together and this caused human traffic jam especially at the 37km to 42km. I think the organiser should strongly look into this problem where there were a lot of walkers blocking the rest of the runner's way. I had to slow down to a walking pace as i was unable to overtake the massive crowd. I managed to complete the marathon in 4:13 hr. Did not achieve my personal best but was happy with the performance as i had not been doing many LSD training run in the past 2 months due to my injury. Nevertheless, another Mission Accomplished.

By the way World champion Luke Kibet won this year Singapore Marathon in 2 hours and 13 minutes. More news can be found here:

My next event?

Singapore Biathlon.... maybe.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

10 More Hours To Singapore Marathon!

Only left 10 hours more to the marathon starting time.

Entrance to My running Spree!

Marathon Ready:

My bib:

Will be wearing my Asics Cumulus 10 and Garmin 405 watch for the run.

All the BEST to all the marathoners!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Newton Active Run 2009

2009 first 5/10km race!

Newton Active Run

Check out its Website!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Final week to SINGAPORE MARATHON 2008!

Finally, we are into the final week of Singapore Marathon. Recently, there are a lot of runners gotta flu, seem like the flu bug is here again. Look like more Vitamin C will be needed to defend our body's defense!

Final 2007 Straits Times Marathon guide:

Updated 2008 Singapore Marathon routes:

5 more days!