Monday, April 20, 2009

Tribob Triathlon

This event was held in Changi beach, Changi coastal road and Changi park. Arrived at the venue at 0715 and the place was already full of enthusiastic participants . Had to park my car 2km around from the starting point. Luckily i had my trusty bike with me. Dark clouds were looming around changi area and the road was quite wet on my way to the venue. But fortunately, the Changi coastal road was quite dry.

Dark clouds looming

Swim start

I think there were about 500+ participants as the area was crowded with people. I decided to joined the Men fit category which will start at 0905. By the time the race began, the sun was out in full force. Expect a very very hot race....

As usual, i started the swim at the outermost lane. What happened next came as a surprise for me, i got "whipped" by a jelly fish across my chest and right hand. The stinging effect was almost too much for me as i had to make a decision on whether to continue the race. Luckily, my mind was very strong as i overcome the thought of DNF. I continued to swim while enduring the pain. Nevertheless, i completed the swim in around 17 mins.

Next, i had to make my way to the transition area, which was quite a distance away. I took my time in the transition area, wiping away all the sand on my feets, putting my helmet, cycling shoes and sunglasses.

My Transition point

20 km biking was next as i struggled to maintain 30km/h while biking southernly towards the first u-turn point. I guess i had lost out to the southernly wind which was slowly my speed to 25km/h. The wind condition became favourable to the participants once we made the first u-turn as we were now facing a tailwind. I was surprised that i could maintain 35km/h wihle biking along the tailwind.

Next stop, 5km run. By the time i finished T2, the thought of DNQ came to my mind again as the jellyfish's sting was too painful to handle. I had to slow down in order to ease the pain. With 1 km to go, i upped my pace and crossed the finishing line in around 1:29 hr. Finally, i had completed the Tribob triathlon! Its time for me to challenge the longer distance triathlon, i can soon realise my Ironman dream in the coming future.....

Finishing point

Winners' trophies

Milo car

Fancy a Milo???

Red bull, lot of drinks!

Transition area

The Argon Family

Sunday, April 12, 2009

TriFamily Sprint Triathlon

Completed my maiden Sprint Triathlon at MOE Changi Coast Adventure Centre this morning. This event was organized by trifamily members and they did a very good job in making sure that everyone is enjoying his/her race. Kudos to the organizers!

As usual, i arrived at the race site early so as to secure a parking lot. The weather was cooling and expecting rain in the late morning as reflected in the NEA website. Managed to meet some of the Sgrunners (Atomic, Frootloops, Jordan, Eliza, Weiming) participating in this event. Not to forget volunteers Hohorunner and Tigger.

The swim course was around 750m within the vinicity of the Centre, but was told by the organizers that the distance may be shorter as race start time was within the low tide timing. Nevertheless, the race began with David Tay, sounding the horn. I managed to remove my fear of swimming in the sea and began to swim smoothly. Completed my swim at around 16 mins ++.

Beginning of the biking phase

Subsequently made my way to the transition area and got ready for the 18km biking. I could only maintained at around 30 km/h throughout the biking phase. And almost collide with another participant as he made a illegal u-turn few hundreds meters before the u-turn point. I think i completed the bike course in around 35 mins.

Hydration first before my run

Next, a tiring 5 km run. I almost exhausted all my energy in the bike phase, but had to push myself in order to complete the race. Managed to maintain my cadence constant throughout the run and completed my maided sprint Triathlon in 1 hr 16 mins.Thereafter, the rain started to fall from the nimbus clouds, what a way to cool down.

To the Ending point of the Triathlon!

Next race, Tribob Triathlon which will be held on next sunday.