Sunday, August 3, 2008

Book Review : Trail Running : From Novice to Master

Just finished reading this book borrowed from the library-NLB. This book contains a total of 173 pages and provides detailed informations on trail running. I would like to recommend this book for those participating in the North Face 100 race. Here are some of the highlights from the book:

Front cover

Chapter 1 : Introduction

Chapter 2 : How to discover new places to run

Chapter 3 : Basic training principles that can help you become a better trail runner and some on the trail drills. Specific techniques for tackling downhills and uphills.

Chapter 4 : Important of recovery, how to cool down and stretch properly. Learn how sleep patterns, massage, icing, and nutrition work to keep you healthy and fit.

Chapter 5 : Basic navigating and map-reading skills. Learn how to stay safe on the trails.

Chapter 6 : Common injures and first aid.

Chapter 7 : Explore the world of ultra running and adventure racing.

Back cover

Was overdue for 2 days, have to return this book soon.....

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