Sunday, December 7, 2008

Finally Completed my 2nd Singapore Marathon!

Reached the swissotel at around 0430 and managed to find a lot of parking lots empty. Maybe i was too early...

Got to meet some of the Team Fatbird Marathon pacers in the starting area as i went in search for the 4:15 hr Pacers. Managed to find the pacers in the sub 5 hr pen. The race was flagged off at 0530 and the Shenton way was slowly filled up with marathon runners. Was following the 4:15 pacer for a few minutes before losing contact as their initial pace was too fast for me. I decided to run on my own pace.

I managed to complete the 1st half of the marathon in 2 hours, maybe i could go for sub 4 hours marathon if i do a negative splits. But as usual, my legs begun to cramped up at the 28km mark as i searched for deep heating rub cream. Fortunately, a drink station was nearby and i managed to get the cream for a temporarily pain relieve.

I was quite pleased with the number of drink stations along the route as there were definitely more drink stations than last year SCSM. But there were few instances where all the runners from different categories merged together and this caused human traffic jam especially at the 37km to 42km. I think the organiser should strongly look into this problem where there were a lot of walkers blocking the rest of the runner's way. I had to slow down to a walking pace as i was unable to overtake the massive crowd. I managed to complete the marathon in 4:13 hr. Did not achieve my personal best but was happy with the performance as i had not been doing many LSD training run in the past 2 months due to my injury. Nevertheless, another Mission Accomplished.

By the way World champion Luke Kibet won this year Singapore Marathon in 2 hours and 13 minutes. More news can be found here:

My next event?

Singapore Biathlon.... maybe.

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