Sunday, March 8, 2009

Singapore Biathlon 09

Completed my first ever biathlon in a disappointing performance. Once again, gotta the phobia of sea water which almost made me quit the race. Didn't have the courage to dip my head into the cold water as my inner self made me felt like drowning. Nevertheless, i decided to swim in breast stroke style with my head above the water as i didn't dare to dip my head into the sea water.

Entry point to the swim leg

Just before the start of the race, the skies started to rain. My wave was the last which began at 0830. Once the air horn sounded, i slowly made my way into the sea water. After a few strokes of front crawl and "kung-Fu" kick by other swimmers, i almost decided to gave up the race as the water phobia once again caught up with me.

Squall line at the start of the swim

It was a tiring swim as i slowly built up the courage to swim front crawl, but only for the last 400 meters. Exited the water with tired legs, and subsequently took my time in the transition area. Picked up my pace as i overtook quite a few participants in the run leg.

After all the disappointment, i managed to complete my first ever Singapore Biathlon.
Next stop : Tribob Duathlon. In the meantime, i will need to perform more open water swim training.

My colleague and me near the finishing point

Finisher medal


Jodan said...

Congrats, Thomas!!!
Soon, Singapore Biathlon will be an annual fixture on your sporting calendar. :)

Thomas Tan said...

Thanks, will definitely participate in the next Bia!

Anonymous said...

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