Thursday, September 18, 2008

Am i overtraining???

Was feeling sick after a gym workout + running on the previous day. Sore throat was the early symptom of my illness. Went to see a doctor and was diagnosed with common cold. I was thinking whether am i overtrained as i was increasing my weekly mileage. Hopefully not. By the way, i gotta some more information on overtraining from the book titled "The competitive Runner's handbook". Here are some of the overtraining symptoms:
  • A loss in enthusiasm for training. A desire to quit or an unexplained poor performance in workouts or races .
  • A sluggish feeling that lasts for several days. This usually starts with a few runs in which your pace is the same as usual, but it feels more difficult. Next comes "heavy legs." Now you're tired and slow. You have no zip in your step. You may think you're running 8-minute miles, but your watch says it's a 9-minute pace. Your ability to kick during speed workouts and races disappears
  • A tired feeling after a full night of sleep. It may be difficult to get out of bed in the morning. You may also have difficulty falling asleep, or may wake up often in the night and find it difficult to go back to sleep. An occasional poor night's sleep should not be a concern, but if it persists for two or three nights, take notice.
  • An increase in morning resting heart rate of ten beats or more for the average runner, or five or more for the highly trained competitor. Significant increases are a sign you are not fully recovered from the previous day or days of stress-whether from running or life.
  • A pale, sallow, dejected look.
  • More frequent or persistent colds, headaches, and respiratory infections. Minor cuts heal slowly. Swollen lymph glands. An early sign for me is a sore throat.
  • Upset stomach, loss of appetite, sudden weight loss, constipation, or diarrhea.
  • Mild tenderness or stiffness that doesn't go away after a day of rest or after the first few minutes of your daily run. Soreness for a day or two after hard runs is normal, but soreness that accumulates from high mileage or persists for several days after hard running isn't. Be aware of any indications that your musculoskeletal system has been overtaxed.
  • Increased irritability, feelings of tension, short temper, mild depression, loss of confidence, difficulty making decisions, lack of concentration, poor coordination. Spouses are often the first to know when cranky mates are overtraining.
  • An uncharacteristic lack of interest in running. This is often called "the blahs" or "burnout."
Under point 6 was exactly the same of what i am experiencing now. Will be cutting down on the distance and pace of my runs. May also have to increase my rest days or more slacking days. Lastly, going to pray for recovery soon or else likely to miss more LSD training in the coming weekend!

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