Friday, June 27, 2008

Sundown Ultramarathon Equipment list

I still remember that i wrote down a checklist for the sundown ultramarathon.This will be my checklist for future ultra.

Special needs bag - Half way point

1) Running shoes, i brought my Asics Nimbus 9

2) Running singlet, decided to wear Adidas run singlet for the second round

3) Socks, injinji performance socks

4) Electrolytes - Powerbar gels, one of my energy boosters

5) PowerBar Pria, another one of my energy boosters

6) Sandwiches, my supper

7) Sport beans, need constant energy boosters throughout the 2nd half of the race

8) Foot powder for keeping my feet dry

9) Trash bag for wet and dirty clothes

10) Plasters, just in case my foots develop painful blisters

11) Spare contact lenses, luckily my contact lenses remained in my eyes

12) Lubricating and Rewetting Drops, need constant rewetting to my dry contact lenses

13) Nail clipper for removal of blisters, for precautionary measures as i did not have any blisters throughout the race.

As this was my first 84 km run, i was a bit of "kiasu" in the stuffs i brought. Fortunately, i completed the race in one piece.........

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