Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Macritchie Run 11 km - 16 July 08

Decided to run in the Macritchie reservoir park again. Was wearing my red Asics Nimbus 9. The weather was hot and sunny and the running trail was slightly muddy. This time round, i ran in the clockwise direction as oppose to my regular anticlockwise run. Once again, ran past some military soldiers along the 11 km route. Parts of the Macritchie reservoir park are their training ground. Was surprised to compete the route slightly under 1 hr, a personal best for me (Previously, all my timings were around 1 hr +). Was it due to the different direction that i took? I think so. Next time, i will time my timing for anticlockwise direction run.

Another Macritchie trail route layout


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Thomas Tan said...

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