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Singapore Marathon 2008

Here are the information on this year Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2008. No change in the title sponsor for this event, initially though that 2007 Singapore Marathon will be the last time Standard Chartered Bank is sponsoring. Standard Chartered Bank nearly doubled the sponsorship fees from $1.05 million to S$2 million and the organziers are targtting 48,000 participants, almost 20% more. This show that more and more Singaporeans are taking up running as their from of exercising. This year running routes will be different from the previous years. No more running in Marina south area. We will be covering more distances along the Nicholl Highway and around the Kallang Cricket Grounds. Not to forget that we will be also running along the Singapore Formula one track, which is held on 26 Sep 08, and through the pitstop areas.

Singapore Marathon 2008

Event Information

Date: Sunday, 7 December 2008
Start Point: Esplanade Drive, The Esplanade Bridge
End Point: St Andrew’s Road, The Padang
Enquiries: + 65 6248 6033

Running Routes

Running routes

Race Divisions

Individual Categories

Start Time

Marathon (42.195km)

Half Marathon (21.1km)

10km - Men

10km - Women

Wheelchair Race (10km)

Kids Dash (750m)

Between 10 - 13 Years Old

Between 7 - 9 Years Old

Between 4 - 6 Years Old*

3 Years Old And Below*

5.30 am

6.30 am

7.30 am

8.15 am

8.45 am

10.30 am

10.45 am

11.00 am

11.30 am

Only one parent/guardian issued with an identification tag will be allowed to accompany any child 6 years old & below.

Team Categories

Start Time

Team - Men

Team - Women

Team - Mixed - Men

- Women

(At least 1 member of the opposite sex)

7.30 am

8.15 am

7.30 am

8.15 am

All men participating in the 10km-Men, Team-Men and Team-Mixed categories will commence their race at 7:30 am.

All women participating in the 10km-Women, Team-Women and Team-Mixed categories will commence their race at 8:15 am.

Previous Years' Facts & Figures

Race Categories

Marathon - 42.195km
Half Marathon - 21.1km
10km (Men) - 10km
10km (Women) - 10km
Wheelchair - 10km
Kids Dash - 750m (Below 13 yrs)

Team (4 - 6 participants per team, each runner running 10km)
Team Men
Team Women
Team Mixed (at least one scoring member of opposite sex)*

* All men participating in the 10km, Team, and Team Mixed categories will commence their race at 07:30am.
* All women in the 10km, Team and Team Mixed categories will commence their race at 08:15am.

Registration Information

Mode of Registration

(Payment only by VISA and MasterCard)

IN-PERSON at Singapore Athletic Association:
- Centre of Excellence - Bukit Gombak Stadium
800 Bukit Batok West Ave 5, Singapore 659081
Operating Hours: Monday - Friday 10.00 am - 5.00 pm

Running Clinics

Running Clinics are designed to help runners prepare and do well at the marathon. Pick up invaluable tips from professional marathoners, running coaches, physicians and running specialists as they cover a variety of interesting and informative topics. You have four months to prepare yourself for The Marathon of the Year! A series of running workshops have been planned with you in mind to take you through each step of the way to run your best on race day and sustain your performance throughout the race.

The workshop series will provide you with:
  1. Invaluable marathon training and running information
  2. Insights into training and racing by experienced athletes
  3. Monthly training guidelines to help you make progress towards race day
  4. Useful practical sessions





Plan a Good Start to a Great Finish

Victoria Junior College

2 August, Saturday


Running Injuries… Can you “run” through them?

Victoria Junior College

6 September, Saturday


Fuelling yourself

Victoria Junior College

11 October, Saturday


Tappering for Race day

Victoria Junior College

1 November, Saturday


Fee: Free

Things to bring:

  • Running shoes that are comfortable to run with
  • Running apparel - shorts & t-shirt
  • Change of clothes
Limited slot only!!!!!!!!

Click here for more details.


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