Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Macritchie run - 11 km

Went to Macritchie reservoir for a run in the evening. Immediately drove to the location after work in order not to get caught in the traffic jam. Was expecting wet and muddy trail due to the heavy downpour that occurred in the late morning. To my surprise, the trail was only a quarter muddy. The weather was cooling as the clouds begun to cover the sky. Decided to run along the yellow route (No 4), which is 11 km long.

Macritchie Reservoir routes

I always like to run in Macritchie reservoir trail as i am able to escape running on the hard concrete pathways in my neighborhood. I could also enjoy the nature as i ran past the numerous mammals along the route. This was my first time wearing my newly bought Asics Nimbus 9 (Red) for the run. Require the cushion to prevent my feet from getting damaged by the rocks.

Managed to complete the route in slightly over an hour. Met my former camp officer at the end point as he had just finished work. Was told that he had joined the Army Half Marathon and had started his hard training. This time round i will aim to beat him in the AHM race.

I also promise myself that i will run at least once a week in Macritchie Reservoir trail.

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