Wednesday, October 1, 2008

10 more weeks to Singapore Marathon! & Singapore Marathon Workshop Series III - 11th Oct 2008

Get ready! Time is running short for marathon training!

Received this email again from the Singapore Marathon seminar organizer "Fifth Ray".

This seminar will be the third run clinic :

Fuelling yourself

The workshop begins promptly at 3pm. All participants are to be seated by 2:50pm. Your co-operation is much appreciated.

Programme for the Day (3 to 5pm):

1. Nutrition and Hydration Before, During, and After Run. By Mr Geoffery Gui representing Alexander Hospital

2. Vitamin and Mineral needs of athletes. By Mr David Ho representing Beroca

3. Personal experience of diet for training and race. By Ms Suzy Walsham representing adidas Singapore

4. "How does your mental diet affect your performance?" Plus practical session ~ tips on creating an effective and efficient mental attitude. By Ms Shamala Tan from Plantinum Light.

5. Tracking your progress. By Dr Tan Swee Kheng from Fifth Ray Integrated Activities.

Please remember to bring your own writing materials (pen/pencil and paper).

See you all on Saturday, 11th October! Take good care and have a wonderful week ahead!

Running with you, Dr Tan Swee Kheng
Kinesiologist, Movement Specialist

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Anonymous said...

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