Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon Workshop Series IV - 1st Nov 2008

Has been very busy with my injury, may have to abandon my plan for the coming marathon PB.

Nevertheless, i received this mail regarding to the fourth and final series of the Singapore Marathon Workshop:

Dear Participants,

Thank you very much for your registration for SCSM Workshop Series IV - Tapering for Race Day!

Kindly REPLY to this email to confirm your attendance & registration, by Wednesday 29th Oct.

As we have a long waiting list of participants wanting to attend this workshop, a non-reply assumes that you will not be attending.

Hence, your spot will be opened to another participant who is able to attend.

The workshop begins promptly at 3pm. All participants are to be seated by 2:50pm. Your co-operation is much appreciated.

Programme for the Day (3 to 5pm):

1. Why is tapering important? When does one tapper and how? Carbo-loading when and how? By Mr Mohammed Azhar representing adidas Singapore

2. adidas athlete ~ What are the personal do’s and don’ts for some athletes on race day? And critical do’s and don’ts for race day. By Dr Tan Swee Kheng from Fifth Ray Integrated Activities

3. Tracking your progress & Practical session of creating a race check list. By Dr Tan Swee Kheng from Fifth Ray Integrated Activities

Please remember to bring your own writing materials (pen/pencil and paper).

See you all on Saturday, 1st November!

Take good care and have a wonderful week ahead!

Running with you,

Dr Tan Swee Kheng
Kinesiologist, Movement Specialist
FifthRay's Blog!

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