Monday, October 6, 2008

9 more weeks to Singapore Marathon!

More on Straits Time marathon guide:

9 more weeks to go.

Click here for the Team Fatbird's (Marathon Pacer) Week 7 Marathon Training program

Marathon Pacer Training Group Week #06

And check out this GPS/GPRS watch, look like James Bond's watch.

General Introduction:

The ET1000 is a GPS/GPRS bracelet tracker, Support both GPRS and SMS communcation, the smallest size in the world. Ideal for outdoor activities, sports, etc. System setting is both by SMS and on unit operation. LCD screen displays system setting/coordination data/satellite indicator etc. It can transmit the longitude and latitude coordinate to your cell phone by the short message service, then you can find its location on the free Google maps or any other map software. Also it can be tracked online at real time by GPRS. Four buttons including power/menu/up/down fulfill SOS, GEO-Fence, and Data logger Speed alarm system setting functions. Data Logger function saves up to 100,000 points, record all routes and maps into Google Earth.


- Support GPRS/SMS communication
- Standard real time tracking by:
- Unit ID, location, speed, direction,time, alarm status.
- Automatically timely report or report upon command.
- Geofence protection
- Voice monitoring / 2 way voice call
- NMEA GPS display for navigation
- Data logging for 100,000 waypoints
- Emergency dial out/SOS report
- Sleep mode to save power
- Remote configuration
- On board configuration
- Motion alarm
- Overspeed alarm
- Send/receive SMS
- Mobile phone tracking
- Phone book
- Support mobile phone tracking & web based GPRS tracking solution
- Optional tracking software - Low battery report
- Alarm clock
- GPRS/SMS timer interval setting
- Sport mode - Compass - GPS group monitoring ( monitor the distance among several different ET1000 units)

More details here.


Anonymous said...

Hi There,
I am looking for a registration number to run the half marathon next week. If you are or know someone registered who can not do it due to work or injury, please contact me on 9755 7230 Edouard

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