Sunday, October 5, 2008

Marathon Pacer's Week 6

Week 6 of the My Marathon LSD run with the Marathon Pacer:

Running route - 051008

Week 6 of the Marathon Pacer's training run start from East coast park carpark B2 to Changi coastal road and back. Was slightly late for the initial gathering but was in time for the start of the run. Today's program was 28 km run but i decided to run a shorter route of 24 km as both my legs were still sore from yesterday 14 km run. Halfway through the run, i could feel the strains fro my right leg. Have been feeling the some kind of pain at the same spot from the previous few runs as well. Could be ITBS, the pain was located exactly along my right ITB. It would be a very bad timing to have this kind of injury. Anyway, managed to struggle all the way back to East coast carpark B2 and completed the run in 2 hr 25 mins.Will be seeing a Doc soon....

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