Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pacers Training Session week 7

8 more week to the Singapore marathon. Still not making any good progress as my knee pain is getting worse (Keeping my fingers cross). Reached ECP carpark B2 at around 0645, just in time for today LSD run with the marathon Pacers.

The run started off at 0700 as i got ready with my Oakley Radar path sunglasses. I started off slowly together with one of the marathon pacers, Niwas. He is the marathon 4:45 hr pacer but we slowly increased our pace as the run progressed. Was doing 28 km run but decided to try for 30 km as suggested by Niwas. We were maintaining a 5:30 - 6:00 min/km Pace till the u-turn point at Changi Coasted Road. I started to slow down as i could feel that my tummy was "calling" for food. Took my one and only powerbar gel at that moment (Was wondering whether is it too early to consume the powerbar gel).

By the time we reached the traffic light between the coastal road and ECP, the sun was fully arose from his sleep. I decided to increase my pace after the traffic light as i could not stand the heat. But i had to slow down at around 22 km as i looked for food again (feel like hitting the wall). Nevertheless, i managed to complete the run in 3 hrs. Was wondering whether can i finish the marathon in sub 4 hr with my current progress. Will be having a lot of rest before next week LSD run.

Not to forget Chicago Marathon is ON today!

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